Sunday, April 19, 2009

Regina Spektor!

In honor of the great singer/songwriter Regina Spektor, here are the great items related to her on Etsy!


Friday, April 17, 2009

To The Lighthouse!

Today we launched a new item concept in our shop - ink drawings on blank notecards! We are excited about this product because not only does it bring a new functionality to our art, it also gives people the chance to still personalize something and give it to someone else. We are proud to present our first listing, Lighthouses.

In this listing we have 3 different notecards, each with its own original ink drawing of a lighthouse scene on it. These are all depictions of real lighthouses that exist. The insides of the cards are blank for you to write your own messages!

We plan on doing several more themed notecard packs and even offer custom sets, along with our drawings/paintings.

Enjoy and please leave any feedback you may have!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yay, we are featured in a new treasury! This one has delicious looking colors...check it out!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Business Wish List

If i were to create a list of 5 things I wanted for my business, this is what the list would look like:

1. Studio. This could even be a corner of a room where I could set up all of my art supplies so it could be ready to go when creativity strikes. I imagine a craft table, chair, easel, shelves overflowing with all kinds of supplies, books, a candle and an mp3 player. By a sunny window.

2. Supplies. In order to complete my dream workshop, I would need supplies. For me that would be tons of oil paints, acrylic paints, canvases, brushes, a couple of palettes, books of art, pencils, pens, markers, posterboard, fabric, a sewing machine, ribbon, paper - basically a craft store! It would be amazingly inspiring. Impossible not to create!

3. An occassional friend. I think it would be a fun addition to have a fellow crafting friend hang out in the "studio" and craft along. Perhaps I would paint and she would crochet, or I would do origami and he would draw, or I would sculpt and they would etch.

4. Classes. I would love to take all kinds of art classes. Not at random but anything that sounds interesting I would like to try out. Taking all of that experience home with me would be so rewarding and so much fun, plus my new skills would bloom into new pieces that I could be even more proud of.

5. Red Tape Finished. This would be completely and utterly amazing. I want to turn my Etsy shop into a full-time gig, and I know in order to do that some planning and paperwork needs to take place. Tax information, in some cases licensing, promotion, budgeting - I'd like all the initial planning to just be done so I can focus on making art and telling people about it.

If I had these five things, business would be more terrific than it already is (because who isn't having fun with their Etsy shop already!) and would fill up life with a little more spice and pizzazz.

Thank you to where I found this beautiful necklace (pictured above). On sale now!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

But Come Ye Back When Summer's in the Meadow...

Hello everyone!

I keep finding cool stuff, left and right on Etsy! I guess that's just the nature of the beast. :) What I'd like to share is the world of fiber arts. Today I want to showcase the store suenosdejmi! Her shop has many scarves, bags, gloves, etc. and all of it is diverse and gorgeous in its own way. I recently purchased a scarf called Harvest Time! You can see it here:

I can't wait to get it, I am going to wear it everywhere!

Another lovely scarf in the store is Meadow. This scarf inspired this blog entry. I love the colors and the visuals the name evokes - a meadow, a rolling Irish plain, greenery, health, beauty, bounty - all of which this scarf is about. Plus, it's at a great price. So, without further ado...

Please leave your commentary! :)

As the Wind Blows...

Today I want to talk about a great etsy shop I found that sells extremely awesome looking wind chimes! Not only are the prices great, the artist agreed to make me a custom chime! There are different sizes available with a huge assortment of available colored glass. The shop has 100% positive feedback and several frequent sales. Woo hoo!

Check 'em out!

Please leave any comments you'd like!