Sunday, April 5, 2009

Business Wish List

If i were to create a list of 5 things I wanted for my business, this is what the list would look like:

1. Studio. This could even be a corner of a room where I could set up all of my art supplies so it could be ready to go when creativity strikes. I imagine a craft table, chair, easel, shelves overflowing with all kinds of supplies, books, a candle and an mp3 player. By a sunny window.

2. Supplies. In order to complete my dream workshop, I would need supplies. For me that would be tons of oil paints, acrylic paints, canvases, brushes, a couple of palettes, books of art, pencils, pens, markers, posterboard, fabric, a sewing machine, ribbon, paper - basically a craft store! It would be amazingly inspiring. Impossible not to create!

3. An occassional friend. I think it would be a fun addition to have a fellow crafting friend hang out in the "studio" and craft along. Perhaps I would paint and she would crochet, or I would do origami and he would draw, or I would sculpt and they would etch.

4. Classes. I would love to take all kinds of art classes. Not at random but anything that sounds interesting I would like to try out. Taking all of that experience home with me would be so rewarding and so much fun, plus my new skills would bloom into new pieces that I could be even more proud of.

5. Red Tape Finished. This would be completely and utterly amazing. I want to turn my Etsy shop into a full-time gig, and I know in order to do that some planning and paperwork needs to take place. Tax information, in some cases licensing, promotion, budgeting - I'd like all the initial planning to just be done so I can focus on making art and telling people about it.

If I had these five things, business would be more terrific than it already is (because who isn't having fun with their Etsy shop already!) and would fill up life with a little more spice and pizzazz.

Thank you to where I found this beautiful necklace (pictured above). On sale now!


  1. Your dream sounds wonderful! And writing it down is the first step! Good luck on your adventures! :) Thanks for inspiring me and also mentioning my dream big pendant!

  2. Lovely article. You have a lot of wishes and with perseverance you will succeed! Take one step at a time and you will make it! I happen to own several of Cindy's creations and they are truly a piece of art!

  3. Great list! :)

    Cindy's Dream Big necklace is fabulous!!

  4. i would be happy as a clam if i could just have number 2. oh and endless amounts of time. :)