Saturday, April 4, 2009

But Come Ye Back When Summer's in the Meadow...

Hello everyone!

I keep finding cool stuff, left and right on Etsy! I guess that's just the nature of the beast. :) What I'd like to share is the world of fiber arts. Today I want to showcase the store suenosdejmi! Her shop has many scarves, bags, gloves, etc. and all of it is diverse and gorgeous in its own way. I recently purchased a scarf called Harvest Time! You can see it here:

I can't wait to get it, I am going to wear it everywhere!

Another lovely scarf in the store is Meadow. This scarf inspired this blog entry. I love the colors and the visuals the name evokes - a meadow, a rolling Irish plain, greenery, health, beauty, bounty - all of which this scarf is about. Plus, it's at a great price. So, without further ado...

Please leave your commentary! :)

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