Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello! Today I want to share with you a bizarre and unique purchase I recently made. I found the shop HotLegs by accident while just browsing etsy. Turns out, I actually have an issue with my apartment door not fitting the doorjamb enough and the smoky hallway odor always seems to seep under. I hate the smell and was usually shoving towels under the door, but I still found that gross (I want to use my towels for me, not for nasty smells!) and wanted a new solution.

After I had found the HotLegs shop, I favorited it because I thought the shop sold such a unique item - arms and legs either for draft stoppers OR just because! When I realized I had a true need for one of these bad boys, I immediately went back and made my purchase. I'm expected the "Amy Winehouse" arm to arrive any time now. And yeah, they all have funny celebrity names.

So take a look at this shop. It's guaranteed to provide you with an awesome conversation piece for your next party!

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