Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Store, New Blog

Hello blogging world! luckytwentyone is brand new to blogging and here we are. educated me a little to this world and so we are giving it a try! Hooray.

luckytwentyone just opened shop on Etsy about a month ago. Things are going well so far, however we have MUCH to learn. We want to be the best store we can be and sell the best product we can produce.

We are constantly trying to get feedback on our storefront and our items. I have set up a poll for you to check out and perhaps participate in. The goal of the poll (there's a rhyme!) is to find out what type of decor people prefer to put in their homes. For example, when people are shopping for artwork to put into their newly made-over livingroom, are they looking for an oil painting or an ink drawing? If you have a chance, please let us know your take.

Thanks for checking us out and please, don't be shy with comments/questions!

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